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04 September 2017

Accredo customer, Think Water New Plymouth, has won the 2017 Think Water Franchise of the Year award and co-owner Angela Bevan says the time-saving functions in Accredo’s accounting software have helped keep the business in winning shape. »


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03 March 2017
Ransomware viruses, such as CryptoLocker, are causing trouble for an increasing number of New Zealand businesses. Accredo Channel Manager, Kevin Carberry, says Accredo customers should take the threat of infection very seriously. »
03 March 2017

Accredo’s latest accounting software build is one of its most comprehensive, delivering new or improved features across most modules. As always, many of these enhancements came about as a result of customer feedback. We always take customer suggestions and requests seriously, as they are key to ensuring the software is continually made easier and better to use.  »


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11 July 2016
Another reminder to customers to be on the alert for ransomware – an evolving type of malware that is becoming more common. It encrypts data files and then demands payment within a time limit to decrypt the information. We are aware of a number of recent infections amongst Accredo clients, since it is often first noticed when frequently used files, e.g. Accredo data, is accessed. Everyone is vulnerable and there is nothing we can do after it has struck. »
Author: Tish Brindle
24 May 2016
When it comes to growing a successful business, few things are as important as having a clear picture of where your business is at and an equally clear plan for where it’s going. »
Author: Paul Wilson
12 April 2016

Accredo recently updated its Foodstuffs B2B integration to utilise units of measure (UOM) – a move that simplifies order fulfilment for Accredo customers who supply product to the New Zealand owned supermarket operator. »


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